zip code for Brandon Florida

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Zip Code for Brandon Florida

Whether you’re moving to the area or just sending a letter to a friend, it’s essential to know the zip codes for Brandon, Florida.

This growing town sits just outside of Tampa and includes a variety of residential neighbourhoods, shopping centres, and parks.

Let’s deeply dive into these zip codes and what they mean for Brandon residents and visitors.

zip code for Brandon Florida

The Main Zip Code: 33511

The majority of Brandon falls under the zip code 33511.

This includes most residential areas, such as Bloomingdale and Providence Lakes. It also encompasses the Brandon Regional Hospital, the Westfield Brandon Mall, and many popular restaurants and stores.

If you send a letter or package to someone in Brandon, this is likely the zip code you’ll need.

The Eastern Zip Codes: 33510 and 33584

If you head further east in Brandon, you’ll encounter two additional zip codes. 33510 includes areas such as Valrico and Seffner, while 33584 includes Mango and parts of Thonotosassa.

These areas are more rural than the central part of Brandon, with larger lots and open fields. These zip codes might be correct if you’re looking for a quieter, more laid-back pace.

The Western Zip Code: 33619

Just west of 33511, you’ll find the 33619 zip code.

This area includes the Port of Tampa and many industrial parks and warehouses.

While it’s not a residential area, it’s still an essential part of Brandon’s economy. Use this zip code if you send a package to a business in the area.

The “Overlap” Zip Codes: 33610 and 33619

Finally, it’s worth noting that some parts of Brandon fall into zip codes, including parts of Tampa.

For example, the southern edge of Brandon falls under 33610, which also includes details of East Tampa. Similarly, the Port of Tampa area falls under both 33619 and 33605.

While this doesn’t affect how you send mail to someone in Brandon, it’s good to be aware if you’re exploring the area.

zip code for Brandon Florida


Whether you have been living in Brandon for years or are a visitor, knowing the zip codes in the area can prove to be highly beneficial.

When sending mail, it’s crucial to ensure that the zip code used is accurate and up-to-date. Shipping a package is essential to ensure timely delivery.

Moreover, exploring each zip code’s varied areas can help you discover the diverse neighbourhoods and businesses that make Brandon unique.

From the bustling commercial areas to the tranquil residential neighbourhoods,

Brandon caters to everyone’s needs. So, take your time to explore the different regions and uncover the hidden gems this vibrant city offers.


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